Monday, November 29, 2021

Little Leaks That Keep Men Poor


Refinancing A Home  There are several things you will want to consider when considering refinancing: 1.  Loan Pre-Qualification 2.  Market price of home 3.  Repayment Time Frame Loan Pre-Qualification Loan pre-qualifications will determine if you have the financial ability to invest in real estate in the beginning. By having the right pre-qualification, you can be guaranteed a […]

Challenges And Success Of Being A Broker


Challenges And Success Of Being A Broker  Brokering can come in many different forms and is carried by different professional hats, like those involved in: Brokers:  1.  serving as go-between for export/import business, 2.  helping negotiate document certification ,3.  shipping arrangement, and custom fees, 4.  finding exotic cars for the clients, 5.  and arranging for […]

Remember When You Could Have Picked Up A Good Piece Of Real Estate For A Song – And Didn’t


You Want To Be A Real-Estate Agent Real estate agents are professionals who help in connecting the buyer to the seller.   5 Steps Towards Being A Real Estate Agent:  1.  Knowing the different niches in real estate 2.  Apply to real estate school (online or offline) 3.  Take real estate test 4. Find a […]

A Rose Growing In The Streets -Through Concrete


Are you ready to invest in real estate?   Times are definitely changing.  Real Estate is changing.   Places, towns, cities and the inner city streets we have come to know is different now.     Will the history be erased from the minds of the old of where we once walked to the overcrowded […]

Location, Location, Location!

There is a common mantra among real estate professionals and investors which is simply the word “location” repeated three times. The thinking behind this is that, when it comes to making money in the world of real estate, the most important thing is where the property is located. The second most important thing is, also, […]

You Can Do It Right, Or Cheap, Or Quickly

The importance of turning a maximum profit in a minimum time frame is as important in real estate as it is in just about any other sector of the business world. And of course, when you create a profit margin this makes for three immediate variables. ow quickly can you do something, how much must […]

Spreading Your Wings – Buying Real Estate Overseas

For the ambitious real estate investor, one of the most interesting ventures can be the purchase of an overseas property. There are many of us who would like to one day retire overseas, and even quite a few of us who would like to move abroad while we are still some way away from retiring. […]

Knowing When To Cut Your Losses

Buying and selling real estate is one way to guarantee an interesting business career – but it is not without its drawbacks. One of those drawbacks, the significant risk factor, is part of what makes it interesting. But if you can play the game well, you need never become one of the many people who […]

Commercial Real Estate – How It Changes Things

Buying real estate is always loaded with questions and variables, and it takes a confident and decisive individual to get it right and make a profit. It can be an even more vexed question for those who are looking to buy commercial real estate. When you are buying and selling a house, the important issue […]

“Buyer Beware”!

There is a Latin phrase – caveat emptor – which essentially, in English, means “buyer beware”. The message intended in those two words is that anyone purchasing the item so labelled needs to be careful. The price may look like a steal, but ask yourself before you go any further”, who is doing the stealing, […]