Tuesday, June 2, 2020

How Conservative Should You Be?

When investing in property, if your goal is to make a profit you have to take into account what kind of profit you want to make. Some people will say that it is easy to make a profit, if by profit you mean a small one. Buying a house cheap, and doing the minimum necessary […]

You Won’t Be Living There, So Don’t Design It For You

One problem that seems to arise more than almost any other when people try their hand at real estate development is a kind of tunnel vision. This happens when people buy a house with the intention of carrying out work on it, and decide that there is only one way to go with that work […]

Do Your Sums And Make Sure They Add Up

When someone tells you that there is good money in real estate, they are not going to be telling you anything new. We all know that there is profit to be made there, and no-one will get any medals for breaking the stunning news that it can be a lot of money. What we need […]

Buying At Auction – A Sensible Beginning

Finding a house at a decent price can be troublesome for the first-time real estate developer. Without a doubt, there are bargains out there, but it depends how far “out there” you are prepared to look. Real estate vendors will usually put the houses where they stand to make a decent profit front and center, […]

It’s a Fixer-Upper!

When you are making your first steps towards becoming a real estate developer, it is often helpful to start out with a deal that is financially supportable. Frequently, you will see a house appear on the market that looks like it will need a lot of work – it may have been lying vacant for […]

Don’t Let Your Heart Rule Your Head

One of the classic rules of business is that you cannot let your emotions cloud your judgement. If you do, you end up making decisions based on a biased view and not on the facts of the situation and the potential upside of any deal. The danger of this is that you can take a […]

Buy And Sell – Profit Is The Key

The real estate sector can be a very lucrative place to do your work, and at the same time carries major risks. This risk / reward balance is one reason why it is one of the major places for speculators to make their money. If you get it wrong, you can end up losing nearly […]