Monday, November 29, 2021

Real Estate Investment Opportunity Call with Dr. Workman


Join me tonight on conference call: Tuesday May 13th 9:00 pm

It was great seeing you all at the Fast Track Academy. We are keeping the momentum going and that is why I’m sending this friendly reminder of our team call aka

“The Prosperity Call” on Tuesday@ 9:00 pm est. 

To access call:

Dial (857)232-0156 
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Our topic will be a review of this past weekend. We will use the excitement of this event as a foundation of greater things to come. I will keep this week as an open call (this week only) so we would appreciate as less background noise as possible. Please reach to your respective down line to ensure they have the team number and will be attending the call. The more people you have on the call, the more good you will do for your business.

Referred by Linda Moses
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