Monday, November 29, 2021

Why Most People Almost Always Make Money In Real Estate


  Gaining a profit off of your real estate investment works like any other job that you have.   Usually, it would be expected that the government would take money for the real estate that you own.  You can take advantage of several tax breaks for your real estate, all which will help you with […]

Real-Estate Appraisal

Planning to sell your home but clueless about its market value? Getting your home and property appraised would help you get an idea about your property’s value. However, the appraised value should not be confused with comparative market analysis (CMAs). The appraised value is the only value honoured by banks whenever you are planning to […]

Investing In Real-Estate


You have probably heard it before, investing in real-estate is among the best investments you could make. Usually, the value of real estate properties increases. It may sound easy, but beginners would usually fin out that it is not that easy. It would require knowledge which could be achieved through research, planning and hard work. […]

Eco-Friendly Homes: Green Real-Estate


Real-estate developers and investors are now adopting more environmental-friendly practices. Buildings are redesigned; investors and developers would incorporate the goal of achieving greener buildings and properties when doing renovations. The market of clients looking for greener buildings and houses are also increasing. This is just a reflection that people are starting to become more aware […]

Pouring Your Money Into A Black Hole

The “fixer-upper” is a grand tradition of real estate. Many houses go on the market needing some work before they are truly habitable. Whether your intention is to live in the house or to fix it up and sell it on for a profit, you will need to do some work one way or the […]

One Man’s Misfortune Is Another Man’s Opportunity

If you were offered a deal that sounded as though it was unbeatable, and it turned out that there was no risk involved for you, you’d surely take it, wouldn’t you? Most of us, if not all, would. But then throw this variable into the equation: You can only have this deal by taking advantage […]

A Rose Growing In The Streets -Through Concrete


Are you ready to invest in real estate?   Times are definitely changing.  Real Estate is changing.   Places, towns, cities and the inner city streets we have come to know is different now.     Will the history be erased from the minds of the old of where we once walked to the overcrowded […]

Location, Location, Location!

There is a common mantra among real estate professionals and investors which is simply the word “location” repeated three times. The thinking behind this is that, when it comes to making money in the world of real estate, the most important thing is where the property is located. The second most important thing is, also, […]